Wow! What a day!

I was driving down the street the other day and I saw the most incredible thing. From a distance, it looked like there was a person standing on the sidewalk holding a sign that said “LOW PRICES ON TOBACCO PRODUCTS” but when I got closer I realized it wasn’t a person at all! It was actually a mannequin that someone had dressed up to look like a person. It had a blonde wig on and some pretty normal looking clothes, I wonder who chose them. There was a sign waving around in the front with a black background and bright red letters. It definitely caught my attention as I was driving by. In fact, I actually pulled over so I could go take a picture! Unfortunately there was a bad glare and the picture didn’t come out well, but I did notice when I took the picture that the mannequin was called a Sign Doll, and they had that painted on its base. Whoever invented this thing is a genius! I am surprised I haven’t seen more businesses with these out front, because they seem like they would bring a lot of customers in. If I ever open a business, I would get a sign doll for it.

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Get Your Name Out There With a Sign Doll

Are you looking for the coolest new way to get more customers through your door? You’ve probably already tried everything from setting up a Facebook fanpage to cold-calling potential customers and asking if they would like your services or products, and everything in between. Or, maybe you bought ad space in the local newspaper and invested in a few billboards around your city. Regardless of whether or not you’ve tried these things, every business owner is constantly looking for new options on how to get their name out there, and their brand better recognized.

That’s the thing about advertising. It’s always changing and there are many diverse ways of getting a message out to the rest of the world. All you have to do is find a creative way to make sure that people remember you and what you offer. If you’ve tried everything else and you’re out of ideas, then maybe you could try using sign waving mannequins (or sign dolls) in order to get attention and help people remember you. Read on to learn more about these mannequins and how they can help your business grow.

What is a sign doll?

Sign-waving mannequins, also known as sign dolls, are essentially robots that hold a sign up in order to attract attention and inform or remind people that the service you provide is worthy of their time and money. All you have to do is create a sign, flick the “on” switch, and watch the people stare. Business-owners who use mannequins say that they increase foot traffic into stores and can help refine your brand. Some owners even name the mannequins as a way to personalize their experience.

How can a mannequin help you?

Sign dolls are not just comical and good at getting attention, but they are also more efficient than human sign spinners or a-frame signs. Unlike human sign-spinners, they will never complain about sick leave or miss a shift using some random excuse. They will always show up to work on time (as long as you do!) and will always have a positive attitude so long as you charge their battery. They can be rolled around and moved to wherever you need them, so they will never have a problem standing in the hot sun or out in the cold. They are definitely an embodiment of a model employee!

Where to find a sign-waving mannequin

These high end sign waving mannequins can only be purchased directly from:Sign Dolls Brochure

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Sign Dolls – The Future of Sign Waving

Are you on the lookout for new advertising ideas? You’ve probably already put ads in the local paper, designed a nice billboard, purchased ads on Google, and have even used social media to get your name out there. But now you’re running out of ideas and you want to find a way to attract new clientele.

If this sounds like you, then maybe you should consider getting a Sign Doll.  Sign Dolls sign waving mannequins are a unique way to attract attention and make people remember you in a fun and quirky way. They are also easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Read on to learn more about how these mannequins can help you and your business.

Sign Dolls

A Sign Doll at work in front of a car wash

Advertising and Branding

In the past, some businesses would hire “sign spinners,” who were people dressed in costumes to hold up signs advertising goods and services. Sign-waving mannequins, or “sign dolls” as they also called, are like robots that perform the same task. All you have to do is create a sign, put in the machine’s hands, place the mannequin in the right spot, and click “on.” Then sit back and watch the customers roll in. Many business owners and store managers report an increase in foot traffic and sales after just a few weeks. Some people even stop by just to see the mannequin, and then buy something on the way out!

In order to increase your chances of attracting clientele, you should place your mannequin in an area that gets heavy foot traffic, such as on the street in front of your store, the parking lot at the mall, or in the center of town.

In addition, some people take it one step further and give their mannequin a name and a personality. This is a great way to contribute to your brand and ensure that people remember you.

The Easiest Employee You’ll Ever Hire

Aside from helping with advertising and branding, mannequins are wonderfully easy to take care of. You’ll never have to have give them sick leave, vacations, smoke breaks or time off. You’ll never have to deal with any complaining about standing in the sun for too long or deal with canceled shifts due to childcare issues. Plus, you won’t have to pay per hour or ever have a difficult conversation about missed shifts and shoddy work. A sign-waving mannequin is definitely the most low-maintenance employee you will ever hire.

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